18 Week Support in action

Every project that we run is different but there are common elements to our approach that underpin the success of our insourcing projects.

Our working process: key points

  • Understand the waiting list pressure
  • Tailor a bespoke solution
  • Carry out a site visit to review clinical setting
  • Arrange a clinician-to-clinician meeting
  • Prepare a detailed implementation plan
  • Meet medical and nurses leads
  • Provide focused delivery arrangements
  • Give continuous feedback on the 18 Week Support service provided
  • Generate clinical audit and management reports

Get in touch

To find out how we can help you to reduce waiting lists without disrupting your day-to-day operations, please do get in touch. We look forward to developing a bespoke solution that meets your needs – without obligation.

Step 1 – we listen

Our starting point is to understand your waiting list problem. Why it has arisen, the extent and the pressures your department is facing, and the impact on your department and resources.

“It’s key for us to find out why the waiting list backlog has arisen in the first place. It may be due to a staff shortage, a peak in demand for services or due to an IT or significant data quality issue that has resulted in inaccurate recording of waiting lists… We can only devise a tailor-made solution once we understand the problem we are trying to solve.”

Alexander Chilvers, Operations Manager, 18 Week Support

Step 2 – we draft an implementation plan

Using this vital knowledge, our clinical experts then draft a specific, tailored solution to tackle your waiting list, usually within 2 weeks.

“Your bespoke plan is drafted by our Clinical Lead, who has extensive experience of handling a large NHS department and who can advise on optimal delivery and good practice.”

Alexander Chilvers, Operations Manager, 18 Week Support

Step 3 – talk and walk

Recognising that good collaboration is the key to a successful insourcing project, we then meet with you to talk about the issues, walk round your department and meet your staff.

Step 4 – fine tuning the implementation plan

No matter how good the plan is, it can only work well if the departmental team from the consultants to the nursing staff are on board with it. You also tell us which patients you would like us to see and which should remain on your own lists. After receiving your feedback, we finalise the detailed implementation plan, ready to go.

Step 5 – we clear your waiting list backlog

We work at weekends in your department, using your standards and procedures and accessing patients’ medical records from your system. Patients are treated and then either added to follow-up or discharged. 

The discharge rate is monitored and we aim to achieve a high discharge rate, with patients leaving the service with a high level of satisfaction.

Step 6 – we audit and feedback

Audits are completed at the end of each month and/or at the end of the project, a process that is overseen by our Advisory Panel.

“Our clinical leads engage with the department’s clinical leads to define delivery objectives and we arrange management meetings, feedback sessions and detailed reports for all key indicators requested. After delivery, or once every month, depending on the contract, we perform a full clinical and management audit so that the Clinical Leads in the department are always fully informed.”

Alexander Chilvers, Operations Director, 18 Week Support 

Our service provision is offered at facilities in private hospital locations and in-house service nationwide

We have an established network of National Health Service Consultants in multiple disciplines across the United Kingdom

We have an established network of National Health Service Consultants in multiple disciplines across the United Kingdom

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