Vanguard partners with 18 Week Support

Vanguard embraces new partnership with 18 Week Support We are delighted to announce the start of a new partnership between 18 Week Support and Vanguard Healthcare Solutions. The Referral to Treatment Time Solution enables hospitals to easily and cost-effectively increase their elective procedure capacity, without adversely impacting existing staff or facilities. This unique collaboration is … Continued


Trusts are under increasing pressure to improve service delivery, while undertaking significant cost-cutting measures; traditionally outsourcing has been a way to tackle such problems. Outsourcing can be flexible and permits Trusts to gain access to additional clinical capacity to reduce patient waiting times. However, these benefits often come with a heavy price tag and potential … Continued

What is an unacceptable time to wait for non-urgent care?

Ever since the alarming headline above was published by the Guardian on March 31st, Simon Stevens and 18 Week Referral to Treatment Targets has been, quite rightly, the subject of intense scrutiny and debate. Firstly, legal advice was quickly commissioned by the Labour party to advise on the legality of this departure from the NHS … Continued

18 Week Support

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