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The NHS will continue to face huge challenges during the next decade and beyond. Trust managers are recognising the benefits of insourcing to treat more patients, reduce waiting times and improve services, all while maintaining and improving staff morale and reducing costs.

18 Week Support is different

At 18 Week Support, our consultant led clinical teams work directly within the Trust and in collaboration with existing in-house teams.

By utilising any spare assets or capacity within a Trust, the 18 Week Support insourcing service allows for a high volume of patients to be seen in a short space of time. This can help a Trust clear backlogs and simultaneously meet an increase in demand.

Our insourcing service can be delivered below the national tariff, with any savings passed directly onto the Trust. By bringing in our external clinical and management expertise to work alongside a Trust’s own clinical and operational teams, there is the added bonus of creating a shared learning experience and boosting staff morale. Insourcing also enables the Trust to retain overall control over service delivery by seeing patients within a hospital’s own setting. The Trust can monitor the safety and success of these services and any concerns or complaints can be dealt with quickly.

Enhanced patient care

Insourcing also makes better use of existing resources. There is a greater continuity of care and improved patient flow as patients are seen within the Trust’s own setting and managed from referral through to discharge. Equally, research has indicated that patients prefer to be seen at an NHS Trust as opposed to a private setting, so there is less risk of patient non-compliance or high cancellation rates. DNA rates for an insourced solution are also consistently lower than for outsourcing. We have also found that if the Trust manages the back-office administrative support, there is no risk to patient confidentiality or issues of information governance. Administrative errors, such as duplicate bookings, can be avoided, meaning precious resources are not wasted.



Sustainable delivery of an efficient and safe clinical service to handle waiting list backlogs

Understanding regarding the pressures that waiting list targets and limited resources place on NHS Trusts

Personnel with the right balance of clinical qualifications and experience to clear your outpatient and surgical backlog

Performance management and reporting that keeps you in control and allows you to monitor outcomes

Optimised procedures that smooth the patient pathway and integrate clinical services seamlessly with your own

Rapid turnaround, typically submitting a bespoke implementation plan within 2-4 weeks of your initial approach

Treatment for patients in a familiar environment, using high clinical standards,, and offering dignity and respect

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