Benefits for The Trust

Benefits of insourcing with 18 Week Support

  • You stay in control – our teams work with you to understand the issues that have caused a waiting list to grow and we offer a flexible, integrated solution. We come into your department at weekends, working with patients in the same NHS environment that they are used to. We can see new outpatients, follow up patients that have been seen previously and we can perform minor surgical procedures.
  • We guarantee a high standard of clinical care – our personnel are leading NHS consultants, nurses and managers used to working in a busy and pressured NHS environment. Many of them hold posts in London NHS teaching hospitals.
  • Our insourcing service is flexible and individually tailored – we can clear a one-off waiting list backlog, or work with you on a monthly basis to see that small percentage of patients that are just beyond your resource capacity.
  • Patients are treated in a familiar environment – we use your usual standards and processes to achieve high rates of attendance and compliance. Medical records are updated and remain fully accessible by your staff who operate the department Monday to Friday.
  • Staff morale rises – your clinical staff and managers participate fully in fine tuning and implementation plan and we continue to communicate directly throughout the insourcing contract period and beyond. We also aim for a seamless service, leaving your department ready for action first thing Monday morning.
  • You meet your budgets – our fees are a proportion of the revenue your hospital receives from the Clinical Commissioning Group for the clinical services provided. The funds that remain generate a small profit for your NHS Trust.
  • Your reputation is maintained and enhanced – waiting list targets are met, backlogs are cleared and patient and staff satisfaction rises.


“Our clinical, management and operational teams have been immersed in the NHS for many years, and provide a level of expertise and understanding that our customers value very highly.

We all feel passionately about the services we provide and are committed to delivering outstanding patient care, and are particularly proud of the results we gain through the Friends and Family test.”

Alexander Chilvers

Head of Operations/ Co-Founder


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