Our Nursing Staff

All of our nurses come with years of specialised experience and are hand selected. We only consider only those who have a well-established track record of caring excellence.

18 Week Support nursing staff have a wealth of experience gained both from the NHS and private healthcare providers.  They deliver world-class customer service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism and medical expertise.

No two clients are exactly alike and at 18 Week Support we recognise the need for a bespoke approach. We assign all staff to provide the best combination of skill required to ensure the highest and most efficient delivery of clinical support.  This is a key aspect of our insourcing service.

How our nurses work with yours

Successful insourcing arrangements rely heavily on our ability to gain and maintain the confidence of your own nurses. Understandably, they are sometimes wary about working with nurses, and also whether our team will abide by your local policies and procedures.

Nicola Ellis, Clinical Services Manager at 18 Week Support understands these unique challenges. Nicola appoints, trains and supports Nurse Coordinators and oversees every insourcing project in which we participate.

She also receives feedback from the work carried out within each NHS Trust and reports back to our advisory board. The performance of individual nurses is monitored and managed appropriately.

Nicola also plays an important role in staff recruitment. She scrutinises each individual application and employment reference for all new nurses joining the 18 Week Support team. New appointments are only made following careful review of qualifications, competencies and references and a range of other documentation, as well as face-to-face interviews.

The role of Senior Nurse Coordinators

Each bespoke solution for an individual NHS Trust has a designated Senior Nurse as a Coordinator who leads all sessions.

Nurse Coordinators are trained and empowered to lead our team of nurses and consultants in unfamiliar surroundings.  They provide a key link between our services and the Trust’s clinical team.

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