Clinical Leads

Our clinical leads ensure our services meet the highest clinical standards. They oversee the implementation and delivery of individual insourcing contracts, ensure currentĀ standards and professional requirements are met and keep up-to-date with new and innovative approaches in order to meet the needs of individual NHS Trusts.

Dr Conal Perrett

Clinical Lead for Dermatology

Dr Ian Logan

Deputy Clinical Lead for Dermatology

Dr Matthew Banks

Clinical Lead for Gastroenterology

Mr Nabeel Malik

Clinical Lead for Ophthalmology

Mr Charles Imber

Clinical Lead for General and HPB Surgery

Professor Francis Vaz

Clinical Lead for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Mr Lloyd Williams

Clinical Lead for Orthopaedics

Mr Colin Hopper

Clinical Lead for Maxillofacial Surgery

Mr Mark Feneley

Clinical Lead for Urology

Nurse Leads

Lisa Phillips

Nurse Lead for Endoscopy

Jack Tabien

Nurse Lead for Recovery

Khaled Alkarmi

Nurse Lead for Ophthalmology

Tammy Kingstree

Nurse Lead for Endoscopy

Reymar Apostol

Nurse Lead for Ophthalmology

Liz Parrish

Nurse Lead for Dermatology

Pravin Madhia

Decontamination Lead