Breast One-Stop Case Study in the South-West

The Details

Increase in Cancer referrals

In September, we were contacted to work with a large NHS Trust in the South West. They’d seen an increase in demand from referrals for suspected Breast Cancer and a lack of internal capacity to deal with the growing patient numbers.

Missing 2WW Targets

90% of their 2 week wait cancer patients were waiting over 28 days and only 5% were being seen within 2 weeks; a major issue but an issue that 18 Week Support exists to help solve.


Over 5 weeks, 18 Week Support operational teams, teams from the NHS Trust and our Clinical Lead Jo Franks worked collaboratively on the solution; a Breast One Stop clinic that would run at weekends staffed by 18 Week Support’s clinicians.

Innovative models of care

By implementing a One Stop model, patients visit to the hospital were reduced by 50%, improving their overall experience. This in turn reduced the waiting times.

Our Results

For our NHS Trust partner, patients waiting over 28 days reduced from 90% to 2.7%.

The percentage of patients seen within 2 weeks increased from 5% to 61% of all waiters.

And in December, the Trust is able to provide the service itself without the support of the 18 Week Support team – a win for the Trust, for patients and for the 18 Week Support.

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Reduction in patients waiting over 28 days


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