Dermatology Case Study in the South-West

The Details

Growing backlog

At the Trust,  Dermatology Minor Ops procedures experienced significant growth, exacerbated through the persistence of Consultant vacancies. The backlog indicated 1,500 patients were waiting more than they should at the time, with the forecast to increase to reach almost 2,500 by March 2023 if nothing would change.


The Trust initially targeted the backlog of Minor Ops for 18 Week Support services but later switched their focus on 2 Week Wait minor op cases due to frequent patient cancellations and DNA instances.

Extra Capacity

After the initial launch, we were running at least four Minor Ops lists every weekend with an average of 15 patients per list.

Clinical Excellence & Efficiency

On each list we maximised both clinical excellence and the number of patients who could be safely treated. We have increased throuput per list by 50% comparing to the average number of patients the Trust was seeing per list.

Our Results

By March 2023, the Trust’s waiting list had 1,400 patients, which was significantly lower than the initial projection of 2,500.

Considering the impact on waiting list, the Trust extended 18 Week Support partnership until November 2023, reducing the wait list to only 900 patients.

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Reduction of weeks waiting list


Increase in activity levels


Patient satisfaction score

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