Endoscopy Case Study in the Midlands

The Details

Low Capacity

In June 21, we were contacted to work with a large NHS Foundation Trust in Central England.
For capacity reasons, the local team were only able to see 55 patients per month: 26 colonoscopies, 24 gastroscopies and 5 flexi-sigmoidoscopies.

High Backlog

The local teams were working as hard as they could, but the waiting list kept on growing. The backlog for endoscopies for patients waiting over the 6-week target had grown to 689 patients.


18 Week Support operational teams and our clinical lead Mr Matthew Banks met with teams from the Trust. They worked collaboratively on a solution to increase the Trust capacity; 18 Week Support’s highly skilled clinical teams would come into the Trust at the weekends, when the Trust was less busy and treat the Trust’s patients.

Additional Capacity

After weeks of fast but careful planning, we launched the service in August. In just 4 months working with the Trust, the total endoscopy activity carried out in the Trust increased by 554%.

Clinical Excellence

On each list we maximised both clinical excellence and the number of patients who could be safely treated, according to JAG accreditation standards.

Our Results

By November 2021, the Trust had seen a total transformation of their waiting list position and activity levels.

The patients we treated were incredibly happy with our service; 99.9% of our patients rated the quality of our service very good and 99.9% are likely to recommend our service.

As of March 2023, we are still supporting in the Trust every weekend of the year to increase the total endoscopy capacity and keep waiting lists below the target wait times.

Join us Reduce your waiting list


Reduction of 6+ weeks diagnostic waiting list


Increase in Endoscopy activity


Average JAG points per list