Ophthalmology Case Study in the South-West

The Details

Regional Challenge

In 2018, the South West region was highlighted by NHS England as one of the worst performing Regions in the country regarding Ophthalmology performance.

Staff Shortages

There had been plans developed to provide support to the Trust, however, due to lack of staff supply, and consistent consultant vacancies, this had not been sufficient to tackle the issues.

Growing backlog

Patients had come to harm on the follow up waiting list, and the RTT performance was spiralling out of control with a total of 2,500 18+ Weeks waiters.

Long term partnership

Over the course of four uninterrupted years, 18 Week Support adeptly implemented a comprehensive 2 One-Stop Model clinics, seamlessly integrating GA, Pre-Assessment, and Cataract Surgery services in one day. Not only, this achievement was made possible by 18WS’s capability to facilitate the complete onboarding of a clinical team, including consultants and local nurses.

Clinical Excellence & Efficiency

On each list we maximised both clinical excellence and the number of patients who could be safely treated.

Our Results

As of July 2023, the cohort of patients exceeding an 18-week wait time, which originally included 2,500+ patients as reported in 2018, has now diminished by 55%.

The efficient teams of clinicians at 18 Week Support achieved a higher throughput in cataract lists compared to the Trust, resulting in a remarkable increase in activity by 100%.

Given the resounding success of this model, the service is set to remain operational until March 2024.

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Reduction of weeks waiting list


Increase in cataract activity levels


Patient satisfaction score

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