Surgical Hub Case Study in the Midlands

The Details

Long Wait

In the Midlands the challenge to cut waiting lists is substantial.
The statistics speak for themselves: as of December 2022, 30,396 patients were waiting for more than a year whilst 111,567 patients were on the elective waiting list.

Low Utilisation Rate

In August 2022 the surgical hub unit was running at 70% utilisation.


We worked collaboratively with the Trust in difficult circumstances, having direct conversations with the theatre management team around session utilisation to identify reasons for lack of use.

A higher-level meeting with the senior divisional operations team gave a further understanding on our side on how we could curate our offering to their needs.

Hybrid Support

18WS created a partnership with the Trust to create hybrid teams, where 18WS brought in teams of highly experienced theatre clinicians and onboarded the Trust’s own consultants.

Clinical Excellence

On each list we maximised both clinical excellence and the number of patients who could be safely treated, 99.9% of our patients rate the quality of our service very good and 99.9% are likely to recommend our service.

Our Results

Between October and December 22, the utilisation of the surgical hub unit increased from 69% to 87%.

We worked hard to improve efficiency with a focus on theatre turnaround times and productivity, achieving 7 minutes vs 24 minutes that the Trust was achieving on average, a 71% efficiency gain.

We saw a total of 536 patients during those three months across General Surgery, Radiology and Vascular.

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Efficiency gain in theater turnaround times


Increase in theatre utilisation


Average patient satisfaction

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