Sustainability at 18WS

As sustainability leaders within our sector, we take pride in aligning our goals with the NHS’s Greener net-zero targets and the Social Value Model. Our ongoing commitment is to the wellbeing of our clinicians, patients, and the broader community. We believe that our work plays a critical role in fostering a more sustainable healthcare system. 

Our Carbon Footprint
FY 23 – 24

We are transparent about our carbon footprint, providing a baseline and clear reduction targets. Our measurements use tCO₂e, an industry-standard unit representing tonnes of carbon-equivalent emissions.

Scope 1 emissions are those associated with property & vehicles owned by the business. Scope 2 emissions are those associated with our rented office space.

Scope 3 emissions are produced within our supply chain. We have identified Travel & Accommodation as our biggest source of emissions. Our Local & Loyal scheme will drive down these emissions. We aim to ensure our clinical workforce can work at their local hospitals, thereby reducing our footprint and enhancing staff wellbeing.

Our total emissions are equivalent to using the washing machine and dryer 402,583 times. There is a lot to clean up and we have committed to moving ahead of our industry peers in achieving carbon reduction targets.


Total Emissions (tCO₂e)


Scope 1/2


Scope 3

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow a culture of sustainability throughout 18 Week Support via our Green 18 champions, whose membership is composed of individuals from different areas of the business to support interdepartmental cooperation.

Together, we are building upon our environmental policies to solidify our position as a sustainability leader in the insourcing industry. We will focus on social initiatives to strengthen our local communities and tackle healthcare inequalities. We will continue to uphold our best-in-class framework of clinical governance.

We are changing our operations to ensure that our patients, clinicians & communities have the freedom to thrive now and in the future. Our quarterly ESG Newsletter will regularly detail our achievements, a testament to our collective efforts and a source of pride for all of us.

Green 18 Champions

Our Sustainability Resources

SECR Report: 2023/24 

Our annual Streamlined Energy & Carbon Report.

Carbon Reduction Plan: 2023/24 

Our annual Carbon Reduction Plan in compliance with PPN 06/21.

ESG Newsletter Q1 2024

Our quarterly ESG Newsletter.