Governance at 18WS

We have a robust clinical governance framework to continually support, improve and drive forward the highest standards of care for our patients and we work with our customers and partners to monitor experiences and outcomes.

Setting the Highest Standards

Quality and Safety Performance and QI (Quality Improvement) 

All of our policies, processes and standard operating procedures are continuously reviewed to support our quality improvement programme 

Audit and Monitoring 

Multiple audits, clinical and non-clinical and both generic and specialty specific, are carried out across our wide range of services 

Further information 

Allied with these multiple initiatives is a culture of transparency, candour and openness with dissemination of learning across 18 Week Support from all sources 

Our Clinical Leadership

Our clinical governance team is led by our medical director and each speciality has a clinical lead working with the group of doctors working in that specialty. All of our doctors choose to work with 18WS because they want the opportunity to give their patients the best possible care.