Head office staff

Operations Team

Pam Bennett

Head of Service Delivery

Tom Barrett

Senior Business Analyst

Korlei Omaboe

Service Delivery Manager

Shaun Winsall

Service Delivery Manager

Niara Blommestein

Service Operation Manager

Michelle Jemea

Clinic Coordination Lead

Starr Henry

Clinic Coordinator

Yasmina Khanom

Clinic Coordinator

Maisha Munayem

Clinic Coordinator

Sharleyne Clear

Clinic Coordinator

Katerina Marko

Administrative Assistant

Antonio Cioffo

Operations Adminstrative Assistant

Bea Rodden

Head of Operations

Jacquelyne McGhie

Nurse Lead for General Vascular & Colorectal Surgery

Allie Mills

Operations Administrator

Service Development and Partnerships Team

Stephen Kemp

Service Development & Partnerships Lead

Governance & Risk Team

Vanessa Fernandis

Head of Governance & Risk

Caroline Orie

Deputy Head of Governance & Risk

Finance Team

Moira Reid

Chief Financial Officer

Kylie Finch

Head of Finance

Terry Slevin

Cash & Income Manager

Adriana Kubanska

Finance Assistant

Eshani Malde

Finance Assistant

Recruitment & Compliance Team

George Gorman

Compliance Officer

Daniel Foley

Recruitment & Compliance Officer

Mariana Panga

Compliance Officer

Matyas Tamasi

Head of HR

Shenade Alcindor

Compliance Officer