Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2024-2025


18 Week Support is fully aware of the responsibilities towards patients and, 18WS workers and expects all suppliers to the Company to adhere to the same ethical principles. The company is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in any of its forms, including slavery, servitude, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking within our business activities and ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our own business and supply chains.


We will actively ensure this by an ongoing review of all our strategies and business arrangements annually.

We have a duty of care and aim to act ethically in all of our business relationships. Team members are encouraged to report any concerns so appropriate action can be taken.

Human Resources policies provide processes and procedures to ensure that our employees and 18WS workers and, those employed in our supply chains are treated fairly at all times; these include:

  • Confirming the identities of all new employees and their right to work legally in the UK.
  • To have assurance from pre-approved agencies that pre-employment clearance has been obtained for agency staff and to safeguard against human trafficking.
  • All staff appointed are subject to references, immigration, and identity checks, this is to ensure staff have the legal right to work in the UK.
  • 18WS has a set of values and behaviours that staff are expected to comply with, and all candidates are expected to demonstrate these attributes as part of the recruitment selection process.
  • The Company has various employment policies and procedures in place designed to provide guidance and advice to all 18WS workers and Managers and also to comply with the relevant legislation. These are assessable via the Company HR domain and on Company SharePoint.
  • The Company is committed to creating and ensuring a non-discriminatory and respectful environment for all 18WS workers, this is in line with its corporate social responsibilities.
  • The Company’s Equality, Diversity, Human Rights and Accessibility, Grievance, Respect and Dignity at work and Freedom to Speak up policies all give 18WS workers and employees the Freedom to Speak Up and to raise concerns about poor working practices.
  • Ensuring regular review and monitor progress on promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion within the Company.
  • All 18 WS workers and employees are required to undertake mandatory training in relation to diversity and inclusion and safeguarding.

Freedom to Speak Up (formerly Whistleblowing) – The Company’s Freedom to Speak Up policy gives 18WS workers and employees the freedom to raise concerns for further investigation and offers support to individuals that have suffered detriment as a result of whistleblowing through the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian and Freedom to Speak Up Champions.

  • 18WS workers and employees should feel empowered to raise concerns around poor practices, health and safety or illegal activities which may bring harm to the Company or the environments in which the Company operates.

Safeguarding – Our safeguarding policy and procedures for Children, Young People and Adults and our ‘Prevent’ policies show our commitment to the eradication of Modern Slavery.

  • All 18WS workers and employees are required to undertake mandatory training in relation to safeguarding Children, Young persons, and Adults.
  • 18 WS ensure clear safeguarding guidance so that employees, contractors, patients, and the public are able to raise safeguarding concerns about how they are being treated or/ and about working practices.
  • Due diligence processes when considering our business relationships and evaluating the risks. This may result in the termination of these relationships if they do not adhere to our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.