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Demand for ENT and audiology services is growing with approximately 8,000 appointments attended per year. But the ratio of consultants to patients is one of the lowest in the western world and is not likely to improve any time soon. 

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Our expert ENT specialist consultants offer a wide spectrum of surgical and medical interventions. We offer a range of services including Otology, Rhinology, Laryngology and Head and Neck. We offer a one-stop model which includes patients’ initial consultation, procedures such as Hearing Assessments, Microsuction, Dix-Hallpike Maneuver, Flexible Nasal Endoscopy and Skin Prick Testing if required and followed up the same day. 

Our Results

For almost a decade, the NHS has partnered with 18 Week Support to reduce waiting times. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do and would love to share some of our case studies with you.

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We have a robust clinical governance framework to continually support, improve and drive forward the highest standards of care for our patients and we work with our customers and partners to monitor experiences and outcomes. On those occasions when incidents, complaints or concerns arise around patient care we act swiftly, encouraging a culture of continuous learning.

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Public Support for Insourcing

Here, we discuss the return to Payment by Results (PbR) with a focus on the Elective Recovery Fund (ERF), which signifies significant changes in UK healthcare funding for 2023-24.

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