Neurology is a broad specialty covering lots of different conditions involving the brain, eyes, limbs, speech or swallowing. This aging population, along with an increase in outpatient demand and a shortage of neurologists, is putting pressure on neurology NHS departments right across the UK.

Clinical Leadership Team

What we do

The 18 Week Support neurology insourcing team offers diagnosis and treatment to patients with general neurological conditions in an outpatient setting. Patients who attend our clinics for an initial consultation are asked for details of their symptoms and undergo a thorough assessment of their neurological system.

We then decide if they need any more tests or treatments. The 18 Week Support consultant will follow all local referral pathways to ensure that those patients with well-defined or complex neurological conditions are referred to the appropriate specialist service.

Our Results

For almost a decade, we have been partnering with the NHS to achieve our goal of reducing wait list times. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do and would love to share some of our case studies with you.


Patient Satisfaction Rate


We have a robust clinical governance framework to continually support, improve and drive forward the highest standards of care for our patients and we work with our customers and partners to monitor experiences and outcomes. On those occasions when incidents, complaints or concerns arise around patient care we act swiftly, encouraging a culture of continuous learning.

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