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James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Problem

We do not underestimate the challenge ahead.

Our teams are working relentlessly to address the waiting list crisis in partnership with the NHS. We bring with us strong teamwork, a focus on productivity and years of clinical experience.

Whilst the backlog may be a shared challenge, each hospital has its own unique story to tell. We are here to listen and adapt our services to suit you and your patients.

Reduce your waiting list


patients on RTT waiting list


patients on diagnostic waiting list


patients on Cancer waiting list

Mobilisation Process

1. Service Scoping

In the initial meeting, we will discuss with your Trust all the details of the contract including patients numbers, staffing template, and more. We will set our joint expectations for our partnership.

2. Clinical Lead Meeting

To make sure all the clinical details are discussed, your clinical lead will meet our to discuss patient pathway, clinical outcome and responsabilities.

3. Site Visit

To make sure everything will run smoothly at launch, our teams will visit your Trust for a sirte visit. We will look at equipment, structure of hospital and how our team will navigate in your space, making sure we will run an efficient service.

4. Preparation

Whilst we gather all documents needed, and arrange for IT logins, we will share our teams CVs, so you know who will be working in the contract.

5. Launch

Once all details are confirmed, one of our lead nurse will be launching the service with our teams.

6. Weekly Review

Once launched, we will run weekly wash up calls to discuss the outcome of the previous weekend and if any improvement is needed. On top of that, we will have frequent contract review.

Contact Us

Mikael Mulavassilis
Commercial Director

Get in touch if you need support in reducing your RTT, diagnostic of cancer pathway backlog.

reduce your waiting list