Capacity is the Cure

As a team of highly experienced NHS healthcare professionals, we know that the problem facing Trusts is not ability, but capacity.

If we want to solve this ever-growing problem, then capacity is the cure.

The Size of the Problem

We do not underestimate the challenge ahead.

Our teams are working relentlessly to address the waiting list crisis in partnership with the NHS. We bring with us strong teamwork, a focus on productivity and years of clinical experience.

Whilst the backlog may be a shared challenge, each hospital has its own unique story to tell. We are here to listen and adapt our services to suit you and your patients.


Number of patients waiting for treatment


Number of patients waiting for diagnostics


Number of patients waiting on emergency cancer pathways

Insourcing with 18 Week Support

No patient should wait longer than necessary.

Your hospital is busy. But there are times when theatres and clinic rooms sit idle; at weekends, evenings, sometimes during the week.

Our clinical teams travel from all over the country to treat patients in those empty theatres and clinics, slotting seamlessly into your hospital and working harmoniously with local staff.

Taking responsibility for governance, productivity and patient satisfaction, our mission is simple: help NHS patients gain faster access to healthcare.

Our Results

For almost a decade, the NHS has partnered with 18 Week Support to reduce waiting times. We’re incredibly proud of the work we do and would love to share some of our case studies with you.


Patient Satisfaction Rate


Patients seen last year



Who We Support

Working in partnership with NHS operational experts, we listen to the unique challenges faced by your hospital and develop a custom, cost-effective, high-quality service.  

Whether you require short-term support or a multi-year partnership, we have the expert knowledge, skills and experience to enable you to meet your targets. 

Each of our 15 specialties is clinically led. Our clinical leads, lead nurses and medical director work with local NHS clinicians to agree pathways, governance, and patient safety, building trust and a strong relationship at every stage of any engagement. 

By working seamlessly with the system and the provider, we aim to solve both immediate and long-term capacity issues whilst consistently providing fair value to the NHS.  

We pride ourselves on our reliability, targeted delivery, and productivity. 

Insourcing vs Outsourcing

We know that patients don’t like to travel further than necessary. With insourcing, patients are treated in the comfort of their nearest NHS hospital and aren’t asked to travel somewhere else. And the NHS retains tariff income for any activity, offering value for money and improving NHS efficiency.

Table Icon Outsourcing
retained income
treated in local hospital
increased activity levels
increased utilisation of estates and equipment